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Match Students to the Right Book Using Our Classroom Library Tools

By quickly leveling your books and tracking student reading history, you can make sure every student is taking a home book that aligns with their reading skills and interests.

And our checkout system will give you the confidence that your students will return your books. The average classroom library loses about 10-20% every year. Cutting down the loss rate to just a few percent which saves you money on replacement cost.

Book Retriever
“Book Retriever not only helps me manage my growing classroom library, but it also helps me find just the right books for students' reading level and interest. I decided to assign "locations" by genre, so I could easily find books to match a student's interest. Sometimes, though, I need a book on a particular level; it's so easy to search my collection by level online to find the perfect match for a student.”
Annette K., 6th Grade Teacher
Leveled Reading Grades

The Most Extensive Leveling Data Available

Book Retriever features the largest database of leveled data for books of any app like it. Simply scan in your books to get leveling information saving you time from searching elsewhere.

Studnet Progress

Student Profiles Provides Insight

Every book a student checks out is logged, making it easy to see if a student is reading at grade level. This valuable information lets a teacher guide a student to a new book that will improve reading skills.

Kids using Book Retriever in Student Mode

Our Scanning App Has a Student Mode

Give your students the ability to check in and out books without risking important information and settings.

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Barcode labels for your books

Print Barcodes and Labels for Your Books

Print leveling labels for your entire library quickly. Barcode labels allow for tracking on multiple copies of the same book.

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Track Book Checkouts

Know which books are overdue and who checked them out. And books can be flagged as missing, which is great for end of the school year reconciliation.

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For Teachers

  • Manage classroom libraries
  • Book asset management
  • Extensive leveling data
  • Teacher checks books in and out
  • Free scanning app for iOS, Android and Kindle
  • Track overdue books
  • Leveled label printing
Per Month
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For Schools and Districts

  • Multi-Level administration, with district and school administrators
  • Administrators can manage schools, teachers and libraries
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Import & export data
  • Libraries can have multiple teachers – great for bookrooms
  • And much more!
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See how much money you save when you use Book Retriever.

Use Our Cost Savings Calculator